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The "Dramatic Shaker"
       Song Playing: "Shake It Well"
  Full Name: Larry Demps
 Nickname: Squirrel. It is said that Squirrel acquired this nickname because he squirrels away his money, but some say that he really does look like a squirrel, especially when he smiles!

Born: In Detroit, Michigan, on February 23, 1949.
School: Attended Pershing High School in Detroit.
Star Sign: Pisces
Interesting Fact: Squirrel was the one who coined the group's name, the Dramatics. He used to do choreography for the group, and he stated in an interview that "Dramatics" means "acting in rhythm". So when the group members (formerly named the Sensations) were throwing around names, Squirrel came up with "the Dramatics".
Larry "Squirrel" Demps was a member of the Dramatics from 1964-1981. He left the group to start a family. He had been married and already had one son. His wife was expecting another baby, so he decided that family was more important and that he couldn't be on the road all the time. After leaving the Dramatics, Demps started taking courses at the Board of Education, and became a school teacher, which he still is today. He once worked at the resource center, as well.
Squirrel has a unique baritone voice. He leads the song "Shake It Well", and has one line on "Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get". (Some people have hearts of stone...)

               "Squirrel" in 1997, on the back cover of "The Dramatic Christmas" CD.