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        Which Member Of the Dramatics Are You Most Like?

      So, who's YOUR inner Dramatic? Whether it's Ron, Willie, Lenny, L.J., or Winzell, the bottom line is, we all have something in common with one of the Dramatics. Take this test to find which Dramatic you are the most like.

 Directions: There are five choices for each question. On a sheet of paper, write down the choice that best suits you. At the end of the quiz, there will be instructions on how to grade your answers. After you have finished adding up your score, click on the "Results" button below the score sheet to find out which Dramatic you are the most like.

 1. My best asset is...
a. my figure
b. my hair
c. my eyes
d. my voice
e. my smile

2. The following best describes me...
a. Silly
b. Laid-back
c. Levelheaded
d. Serious
e. Attention-loving

3. What do you think about rap music?
a. I love it!
b. I like to sing it
c. I like some of it.
d. It's okay, but I like soul music better.
e. I HATE it!

4. How would you best describe your figure?
a. Tall and thin
b. Tall and muscular
c. Heavy
d. Average
e. Short

5. What is your dress code for a typical day downtown?
a. It's gotta be something wild and colorful!
b. Doesn't matter, as long as my hair looks good.
c. Shorts and a t-shirt
d. Casual, with a hat to match.
e. I try to look my best every time I leave the house.

6. My favorite accessories are
a. Rings and earrings
b. Not much of an accessory person
c. One necklace that goes with everything
d. Hats
e. Shoes

7. One of my hobbies are...
a. computers
b. playing an instrument
c. sports
d. public speaking
e. writing poems, stories, and/or songs

8. In group pictures, I am usually...
a. depends on my mood
b. relaxed
c. trying not to make a fool out of myself
d. serious and intense
e. in the front

9. As far as I'm concerned, the things every woman should have in her purse are...
a. a mirror
b. a hairbrush
c. a pen, chewing gum, and personal items
d. money
e. makeup and her favorite CD

10. My favorite color(s) is/are...
a. bright colors like orange and lime green
b. black
c. blue and red
d. rich, deep tones
e. silver

  Calculate your number of a's, b's, c's, d's, and e's. When you have figured out which letter you chose most frequently, click on the button below to find out who is your inner Dramatic!